ELL 122 Reading and Analysis II

ELL 124 Academic Writing II

ELL 130 British Culture and Society

ELL 132 Introduction to Literature II

ELL 136 Classical Literature

ELL 224 Literary Translation

ELL 234 Survey of English Literature II

ELL 236 Interdisiplinary Studies

ELL 282 Early Modern Literature

ELL 332 Survey of American Lİterature II

ELL 344 Shakespeare I

ELL 345 Text and Performance

ELL 362 19th Century Literature

ELL 363 Crime and Detective Fiction

ELL 374 19th Century Poetry

ELL 392 Literary Theory II

ELL 442 British Drama II

ELL 468 Contemporary Fiction

ELL 472 Contemporary English Poetry

ELL 512 Research Techniques and Academic Writing

ELL 580-680 Concepts in Theory and Criticism